Gallery at the HYATT International
Gallery 4

Gallery Concept
gallery H introduces 1-2 Japanese artists every month
and holds Korea-Japan collaborative exhibition/monthly exhibition.

Currently, MOONSTRUCK international ties up
with Gallery 4 located in Kangnam (Seoul) in Korea.

We will introduce talented artists in a wide range of genres.

Gallery 4 in Seoul/Korea 2009 exhibition Japanese Artists Line-up

Shimazu Harumi / oil painting
Ueba Hiroko / Pigment
Yoko Yoshida / Pigment
Miyazi Yuko / oil painting
Tomoyuki Okamoto / acrylic
2010 exhibition
Osada Keiko (Dyeing)
Mari Aoe
Yuki shigeoka
Tsushima Yukiko
Jyunichi Emoto

Japan-Korea collaborative exhibition and introduction
of international artists are available at Gallery 4 website

A numberof famous artists in Korea participates in the gallery.

Monthly catalogue of artists and exhibitions is also issued.


Korean curator Bae Soo Young

Moonstruck cooperated gallery
Gallery 4 (attached to Onors clinic)

5F Raphamedience Bldg 592-2,Sinsa-dong,Gangnam-gu,Seoul,Korea
tel 82-2-546-1112
c/o Honos Clinic
Gallery 4

Bae Soo Young HP (written in Korean)

There are two types of application for exhibition at gallery 4

The first application is limited to MOONSTRUCK artists.
Artists who meet any one of the following
conditions are qualified for application.

MOONSTRUCK artist who has-rented
Gallery at the Hyatt II before.-held one-man show
- participated in exhibition at Gallery at the Hyatt I (on the lobby floor)
-held exhibition at Gallery at the Lexus Senboku

Participation in exhibition at gallery 4
costs 30,000 JPY per term (1 month).
Applicants will be selected by MOONSTRUCK.

The other application type is open to non-member of MOONSTRUCK.
Participation in exhibition at
gallery 4 costs 60,000 JPY per term
Applicants are required to send data of artwork including
profile and photos of works
(1-3 printed copies in A4 size). *Non-returnable

Please complete all requirements and send to the address below.

B1F Hyatt Regency Osaka
1-13-11 Nanko Kita, Suminoe-ku, Osaka
Post code: 556-0034

The size of an artwork must be within a size F40(max).
Please prepare 3-7 eorks.

A term of exhibition is one month including carry in/out time.

PR for exhibition will be undertaken by gallery 4
Flames are prepared by artistself.( No flames are OK)

Please prepare for the profile of applicant,
including a photo of the face,
photo of artworks and
the concept of the works (in Japanese and English).

How to send your portfolio.

Send your portfolio and profile to curator (Bae Soo Young)
by email by 15th of every month.
We only accept the size of your work between 53.0*45.5(cm) and 90.9*72.7(cm)
Curator e-mail :

Exhibition location / Gallery 4
5F Raphamedience bldg 592-2, Shinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel : 82-2-546-1112

Exhibition: a whole month
Carry-in: 1 week before exhibition
Carry-out: Final day of exhibition, 8pm onward
Artist is responsible to carry in/out own artworks.
EMS is available for shipping, however the shipping cost will be charged.

Contact us
Email :
Tel 82-10-3579-2263 (assistant Seungwon Han.)

Applicants need to prepare own profile for exhibition
at the gallery by themselves.
No specification for the size (max. A2)
Applicants also need to set a title and price on each of their artworks.
Please note that the price must be set in Korean Won currency.
(Eg. 10,000JPY → 140,000W)

A condition is applied that all artworks must be put up for sale.
60% of the price will be taken as commission. (40% for artists)

Carry in/out can be ordered on request (costs 10,000JPY each time),
the shipping fee will be owned by artist. However,
MOONSTRUCK staff visit gallery 4 once a month and they
will carry some of the artworks.
(In this case, it only costs shipping within Japan)

It is entirely free to visit the gallery by yourself.
(No support for the travel fee will be provided)